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Frequently Asked Questions

Asphalt FAQ

How long should I stay off my newly paved asphalt surface?

We recommend a minimum of 24 hours before driving or parking vehicles on the asphalt.

Sealcoat/Crackseal/Pavement Marking FAQ

How will properly maintaining my parking lot or driveway save me money?

As seen above, an average parking lot that is sealed every three years can not only double its longevity, but also save you over 50% compared to an unmaintained parking lot, road, or driveway. A sealed parking lot that measures 90,000 square feet would produce a cost saving of about $150,000 and last over 30 years compared to the unmaintained life of the parking lot that will last about 15 years. The cost saving is produced primarily from the fact that an unmaintained parking lot has to be replaced much sooner. Although initial costs to sealcoat may seem more expensive in the beginning, the benefits and cost savings in the future far outweight the initial maintenance investment. Please also see our cost analysis graph to see exactly how much money you can save by properly maintaining your pavement.

How long will my crack seal and sealcoat last?

An asphalt parking lot or driveway in the Northwest will typically need to be sealed every 3-5 years. However, the effective life of any sealcoat job is different based on the existing condition and level of use on the asphalt. Due to the large temperature fluctuations throughout the seasons, structural cracks tend to open up after a year or two.

How long will it take the sealcoat/line paint to cure?

It is recommended to keep vehicles off of the freshly sealed pavement for 24 hours. Line paint is dry and ready for vehicular traffic within an hour or less. 

How do you apply the sealer?

Depending on the application, we will apply sealcoat using squeegies, brooms, or brushes. Each application method is not suitable for all projects, so we will match the application method to your specific project.

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