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Central Paving LLC is the top-rated asphalt paving company the property owners of North Bend, WA, turn to for all their paving needs, whether industrial, municipal, residential, or commercial. Our company commits to quality that shines through in our competitive pricing, always ensuring we add lasting value and quality to all our paving work. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured throughout Washington State, providing peace of mind for all our honored clients. Turn to us for all your paving work, including asphalt repair, sealcoating, crack sealing, road paving, and asphalt resurfacing, and we will be sure you’re taken care of. Central Paving LLC has been in business locally since 2009, and our wealth of past projects shows that we are committed to going the extra mile for you.



Central Paving excels in comprehensive services from asphalt paving to crack sealing, meeting all your pavement needs in Washington.
  • COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: While offering competitive pricing, our primary goal is to add lasting value to every asphalt paving job, setting us apart from competitors.
  • TRUSTED AND INSURED: Fully licensed, bonded, and insured in Washington State, Central Paving provides peace of mind, backed by extensive job references.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS AND FLEXIBILITY: We prioritize using high-quality materials and offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your asphalt project needs.
  • UNWAVERING SUPPORT: At Central Paving, we believe in transparent explanations of our asphalt services, accompanied by dedicated service before, during, and after your project.

Things To Do in North Bend, WA

Things To Do

North Bend, situated in King County, Washington, lies on the outskirts of the Seattle metropolitan area and is home to over 7,000 residents. The city gained notoriety from its association with the David Lynch TV series “Twin Peaks,” which featured scenes shot in North Bend.

The region’s exploration by Americans began with Samuel Hancock in 1851, followed by the arrival of settler Jeremiah Borst in 1858 and the establishment of cabins by the Kellogg brothers. The Homestead Act of 1862 spurred further settlement in the area.

Notable historical landmarks in North Bend include the Historic McGrath Hotel, located on the original site of William Henry Taylor’s cabin. Taylor, who plotted North Bend in 1889, helped shape the town’s future. Both the hotel and the Historic North Bend Theatre, which screens a variety of films from different periods, are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

For those drawn to natural settings, North Bend offers attractions like the Goldmyer Hot Springs, where the warm waters provide a relaxing escape, and the Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area, known for its hiking trails and scenic natural lake surrounded by forest.

Central Paving LLC is ready to assist with your paving needs, offering tailored solutions to transform your property. Contact us today for a detailed estimate!

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