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Why should Washington state property owners care about catch basins? Pavement drainage is essential for preserving the integrity of your paved surfaces. Drains and basins manage the water flow, diverting it from vulnerable areas to prevent damage and flooding.

If your Yakima parking lot is full of puddles or your Cle Elum driveway is flooded, you need asphalt drainage repair services from a trusted local asphalt contractor.

Central Paving specializes in comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions for catch basins and storm basin drains, crucial components of any stormwater management system. We’re proud to protect local asphalt parking lots, driveways, and roads from water damage during heavy rains and storms.

Why You Need Professional Drainage Repair

Good road drainage is vital for drivers. Dry parking lots are important for businesses, and residential driveways last longer without pooling. Water buildup on blacktop can be dangerous, particularly on steep or poorly lit streets. Due to our heavy rains, Washington properties especially benefit from new water management systems.

Keeping water off any paved surface reduces cracking and deterioration, and drainage repair or installation from a trusted paving contractor saves money on asphalt repairs.

Drainage Solutions: Catch Basins & More by Central Paving

Central Paving is your trusted partner for reliable and efficient solutions, whether you require catch basin maintenance, repair, or installation. Our skilled team can rebuild and repair your infrastructure, mitigating the risk of flooding across your parking lot or roadway. Here are some services to help.

Optimal Grading for Better Drainage
Ensuring your pavement has the right slope is crucial for effective runoff. Proper grading directs water away from vulnerable spots, preventing pooling and potential harm.

Regular Maintenance for Longer Lifespan
Consistent upkeep is vital for prolonging your pavement’s life. Promptly fixing cracks, holes, and worn areas prevents water from seeping in, reducing the risk of further damage. Remember, dealing with small issues early can prevent bigger problems later on.

Seal for Protection and Strength
Applying a sealant to your pavement every few years creates a smooth, watertight surface. This protective layer shields your pavement from moisture, extending its life and minimizing the chances of cracks and potholes.

Central Paving: Washington’s Drainage Experts Who Care

Central Paving offers expert drainage repair and catch basin services to safeguard your property from water damage. From maintenance and repairs to installation and replacement, we ensure optimal performance and durability for your pavement.

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