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An asphalt driveway functions similarly to a concrete one but with a significantly lower price tag. Asphalt’s flexibility suits regions with colder weather, like central Washington State. Homeowners need to find a driveway paving company that can meet their needs.

Choose Central Paving for Driveway Installation in the Cascades

When choosing an asphalt contractor for driveway installation on your residential property, quality and attention to detail are essential. At Central Paving, we understand the importance of a well-done paving job. It’s not just about how it looks; it’s about making sure it lasts and doesn’t cause problems later.

Driveway Installation Options: Paving, Replacement, or Overlay?

Consider your needs with options including driveway paving for a brand new look, replacement for a revamped surface, or overlay for existing driveways in good condition. Each choice offers distinct advantages to various preferences and budgets.

Asphalt Paving

Opting for a new driveway involves laying down fresh pavement on prepared ground. The process begins with grading and leveling the surface to ensure proper drainage. Next, a base layer of aggregate material is compacted to provide a stable foundation. Then, hot mix asphalt is applied and compacted using heavy machinery to create a smooth surface. Finally, the newly paved area is left to set and cure.


When replacing an existing driveway, the old pavement is removed and hauled away before laying down new pavement. This process involves breaking up the existing pavement, clearing away debris, and preparing the ground for installation. After the old materials are removed, the installation follows a similar process to that of a new driveway, including grading, base layer installation, and application of fresh asphalt.

Milling & Overlay

Overlaying with new asphalt is cost-effective if the current pavement is in decent condition. This process begins by grinding down the existing surface with milling machines and then repairing any damage to the base layer. Next, they pave the prepared area with fresh material. The new pavement is compacted to create a smooth finish without extensive groundwork. This method can provide a fresh appearance and extend the pavement’s lifespan without the expense of complete replacement.

Residential Asphalt Experts Serving Central Washington

Our skilled team follows industry standards and best practices on every driveway paving project to give you great results. Our approach to residential paving is thorough, from laying at least two inches of asphalt to ensuring smooth transitions between the new pavement, sidewalks, and roads. We focus on making driveways durable and long-lasting in every project we do.

With Central Paving, you can trust that your residential asphalt will look great and stay strong for years to come, thanks to our commitment to doing things right. Contact us today to talk about your property!


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