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Look at your asphalt pavement. Are there small cracks? Those thin lines will widen over time, getting deeper and creating a bumpy ride. If you don’t get crack sealing or filling, every tire that goes over them will cause more damage until you have a pothole.

Other paving contractors would wait until you have a pothole and then charge for patching, but Washington property owners have an asphalt company that cares: Central Paving LLC. We take a proactive approach to pavement maintenance that saves you money.

Fix Pavement Cracks: Protecting Your Investment with Crack Sealing & Filling

Not just traffic but temperature changes cause cracking of paved surfaces. While inevitable, timely crack sealing is key to preventing further damage and avoiding costly pothole repairs or even repaving.

Our team of experts understands the impact of traffic and temperature changes on paved surfaces, and we’re dedicated to providing tailored solutions to meet your needs. Whether it’s your parking lot or driveway, trust Central Paving to restore your paved surfaces.

Here are the services we use to bring your cracked asphalt parking lot or driveway back to life.

Crack Sealing

When it comes to crack sealing, we don’t cut corners. Our team employs top-of-the-line, industrial-grade rubberized sealant to withstand even the harshest temperatures. This high-quality sealant stays flexible in cold weather, effectively preventing water infiltration and reducing the risk of further damage from freeze/thaw cycles.

With Central Paving, you can trust that your pavement will receive the thorough protection it deserves, ensuring its long-term durability and minimizing costly repairs.

Crack Filling

In addition to sealing, we offer expert crack-filling services to address surface imperfections effectively. Our specialized rubberized asphalt slurry provides a durable seal, flowing seamlessly into cracks to seal them off completely. By filling in gaps and preventing moisture intrusion, our methods reinforce your pavement’s structural integrity, prolonging its lifespan and reducing the risk of further deterioration.

Both kinds of crack repair are vital pavement maintenance services, and you need to call your trusted asphalt contractor as soon as you see this kind of damage. It’s best to contact Central Paving when you see your paved surface start to dry out–even before cracking begins.

Central Paving: Local Asphalt Crack Experts Who Care

Our expert team ensures thorough repair and maintenance, extending the lifespan of your asphalt and preserving your investment with superior pavement maintenance. Contact one of our experts today for a conversation about your property in Central Washington!


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